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Ski almost independently on every slope with the Snow’Kart.

The Snow’Kart is designed for people who may lack a bit of upper body strength, coordination, weakness in one arm or maybe not enough core stability/ trunk balance to ski with a Uniski or Dualski.

Thanks to the Easy Drive kit, the Snow’Kart is the only equipment in the world that can be driven by one hand.

SnowKart: Product

Options and Accessories

Gelcoat Seat

  • Articulated backrest

  • White gelcoat finish

  • Velcro chest strap

carbon black RMC_edited.jpg

Carbon Fibre Seat

  • Carbon Fibre Finish

  • Articulated Backrest

  • Velcro Backstrap


  • Standard buckle grips the strap

  • Allows easy backrest adjustment



  • Secure hold in all conditions

  • Allows backrest adjustment

Velcro Chest Strap

Standard width velcro chest strap

velcro chest strap.jpg
3 part strap.jpg

3 Part Chest Strap

  • Works well with RMC cut backrest

  • Allows more movement, adjustment, whilst still being supportive

Universal Ski Lift Harness

  • Can be used on button and T-bar lifts

  • Quick-release shackles

Ski lift release rubber loop.jpg
Ski lift release.jpg

Drag Lift Loop

  • Simple Design

  • 2 Quick Release Shackles

SnowKart: Products

Skis and Bindings

At Seated sports we can sell single or pairs of skis with the correct bindings for sitskiing. All our skis come mounted and setup for our customers. Get in touch with us to see what skis we have in stock.



We have a variety of skis available to purchase either singularly or in pairs.
We can also provide you with the best buying advice to get the perfect match for your sitski.



With our skis, we can mount the appropriate binding and adjust them for all sitskis.

SnowKart: Products
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