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Tempo Dual Ski

The latest Tessier Innovation flew off the shelves soon as it was released, an instant sell out to a discerning group of individuals and ski schools alike.

'Easy to ski, but something you'll struggle to outgrow'

This high performing Dualski, built on the vast experience of Pierre Tessier brings new frame geometry with advancement in shock testing to a new era resulting in the ultimate all rounder.

  • Two skis

  • Gas assisted chair lift strut

  • Tempo Ohlins Shock absorbers (inc Quickset for adjustable user weight)

Pros and cons:

- Two edges = more grip on hard pack

- Two skis = more flotation in softer conditions

- Two skis = a little more weight / cost

- Two edges = more resistance and therefore more patience required in the turn when going slower, but when upto speed you don't notice

Tempo Dual Ski: Product

Available Footrests

TPU Actif fond blanc_edited.jpg


  • Supports your winter boots

  • Adjustable back of heel velcro

  • Over the boot strap to secure in place

Relaxed Footbar

  • More support than the Active

  • Longer - protective 'L' shape design

Duo Grand Confort_edited.jpg


  • Available in gelcoat finish (white and black) and Carbon black

  • 3 sizes (to fit own boots inside)

Leg Fairing or Leg Cover

  • Hard shell fairing (only fits slim/racing footwell)

  • Fabric leg cover with pocket (fits all size footwells)

Leg fairing and leg cover.jpg
Tempo Dual Ski: Products

Options and Accessories

Gelcoat Seat

  • Articulated backrest

  • White gelcoat finish

  • Velcro chest strap

carbon black RMC_edited.jpg

Carbon Fibre Seat

  • Carbon Fibre Finish

  • Articulated Backrest

  • Velcro Backstrap


  • Standard buckle grips the strap

  • Allows easy backrest adjustment



  • Secure hold in all conditions

  • Allows backrest adjustment

Velcro Chest Strap

Standard width velcro chest strap

velcro chest strap.jpg
3 part strap.jpg

3 Part Chest Strap

  • Works well with RMC cut backrest

  • Allows more movement, adjustment, whilst still being supportive

Universal Ski Lift Harness

  • Can be used on button and T-bar lifts

  • Quick-release shackles

Ski lift release rubber loop.jpg
Ski lift release.jpg

Drag Lift Loop

  • Simple Design

  • 2 Quick Release Shackles

Tempo Dual Ski: Products



Tessier Tracer

  • Fixed foot (less moving parts)

  • Light and adjustable



  • Flip up / Flip down ski design

  • Highly adjustable

Tempo Dual Ski: Products

Skis and Bindings

At Seated sports we can sell single or pairs of skis with the correct bindings for sitskiing. All our skis come mounted and setup for our customers. Get in touch with us to see what skis we have in stock.



We have a variety of skis available to purchase either singularly or in pairs.
We can also provide you with the best buying advice to get the perfect match for your sitski.



With our skis, we can mount the appropriate binding and adjust them for all sitskis.

Tempo Dual Ski: Products
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