Scarver Uniski

The latest Tessier Innovation flew off the shelves soon as it was released, an instant sell out to a discerning group of individuals and ski schools alike.


'Easy to ski, but something you'll struggle to outgrow'

This high performing sitski, built on the vast experience of Pierre Tessier brings new frame geometry with advancement in shock testing to a new era resulting in the ultimate all rounder.


I’ve tried many SitSkis on the market and spent many years testing my race setup, but jumping into the Tempo for the first time I was astounded! It was effortless to ski and by far the easiest sitski I’ve 'ever' used. From high end carves to quick Slalom turns the Tempo can do it all with ease. The geometry of the frame coupled with the purpose built Ohlins shock works like a Dream and the new lift mechanism makes getting up on the lift a breeze. I couldn’t fault it, there’s something for everyone.

'Winter Paralympian - Sean Rose'


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